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Verge (XVG) (formerly DogecoinDark (DOGED)) is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency forked from Dogecoin in October 2014 and re-branded as VERGE in February 2016. The project exploited the growing popularity of the "fun" Dogecoin cryptocurrency while adding code to increase the coin's anonymity and privacy features, notably the network's ability to run on dedicated Tor nodes. Verge is a pure proof-of-work cryptocurrency that uses multiple hashing algorithms to mine new coins. The number of coins issued has been set to 9 billion during the first year and one billion per year thereafter.

2 weeks ago
The list of #vendors who accept $XVG as a means of #payment is growing on a daily basis.

Thank you @FurnitureNFO and @VergeJaguar for your constant support!

#PayWithVerge #P2P #fintech #news #crypto
New Furniture Outlet @FurnitureNFO


Over 25 Mattresses to chose from


Fast, Simple and up to $3,000
INSTANT DECISION!! TEXT 31797 to 48078

Queen size Mattress starting @ $149

#CasaGrande #Arizona #NewFurnitureOutlet
2 weeks ago
We are going to keep submissions open for new design ideas for another couple of days before we make a decision!
vergecurrency photo
Lloyd | Verge | XcelTrip @3wizzlesticks
Hello all our #Verge people, lets do an $XVG contest today. Submit your own creative design for the #VergeStore and we'll pick a winner. The winner will receive one free item of our choice from the store with their own design after we have added it.

More rules in sub tweets
2 weeks ago
Need some fresh briefs? silk boxers? thongs? check out @fbunderwear! they accept $XVG so you can #PayWithVerge and get your butt into something smooth! $XVG #boxers #thong #briefs
2 weeks ago
Check out @highlifegoods, they carry vapes, water pipes, and all sorts of fun accessories, and the best part? they let you #PayWithVerge! $XVG #crypto #losangeles #medicalmarijuana
3 weeks ago
Need a #VPN? Check out @TorGuard! They provide VPN/Proxy services, and accept $XVG as payment! #PayWithVerge #TuesdayMotivation
12 hours ago
If any of you
Knew me ...
Touched me ...

I want to know.
12 hours ago
Why don't I go on
@joerogan again??


That prick has never ince apologized for saying that:
My dwarf date was -


She was not a fucking child!!

She was just short you idiot!!+
13 hours ago
Stay The Fuck At home!?!

Nest with your spouse, whom you so dearly loved -

Once -

And your children -
Whom you never believed ...
(While you were a child) ...

Would ever be yours ...

And ask yourself ...

What is home?
13 hours ago
The day we get out
Of "lockdown" ...

Which businesses/activities/events

Will be
14 hours ago
Anyone know h9w you can unfollow all followers you followed prior to a specific date?
16 hours ago
Yes ...

I was the first to put God
On the Blockchain ...

But Iwas also first to put the newer gods on.

Watch and learn ....