Ethereum (ETH)

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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

UK FCA Warns Against Bulgarian Cryptocurrency Derivatives Provider

On Thursday, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published a cautionary note…

Hacked Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Youbit’s Insurance Claim Is Denied

A leading South Korean insurance firm has rejected a claim from the…

West Virginia Announces Blockchain Voting Pilot In Upcoming Election

Two counties in West Virginia have rolled out a blockchain-based platform with…

Thai Digital Asset Regulation To Begin In April; Draft Decree Details Tax Standards

According to a draft version of a royal decree, ICO issuers in…

1 hour ago
This Week in the Labs: Feb 18th by @ETCLabs

- Weekly workshop, "Brand Positioning"
-“ETC Labs Presents” - series highlights @SlipsHQ
-"Explore the Chain" - @p3c_io Founder @antsankov
- #BitAngels event - 3/8
-"Gaming on the #Blockchain" event - 3/20
20 hours ago
"In just 3 short years, the unbelievable progress made by #EthereumClassic validates its true strength & trajectory as its technology is adopted by everyday and business applications."

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21 hours ago
Depend less on intermediary code, get what you need straight from the client.

With #OpenRPC spec complete, @ETCLabsCore will greatly improve #dApp development, with a more effective way to interface with APIs
#Web4 #EthereumClassic
eth_classic photo
1 day ago
Dallas based digital gifting platform, Swych announced that it would start supporting cryptocurrency payment from next week. Swych will enable its users to use five cryptocurrencies as the mode of payment, including #EthereumClassic ETC
1 day ago
"On the #Ethereum side, they benefit from work that #EthereumClassic does. #Görli and #Kotti exemplify this sort of mutual benefit."
- Anthony Lusardi ETC Co-op ( @pyskell)

ETC-ETH Cooperation Amid Blockchain Tribalism
1 day ago
There is no native token for Slips. Challenges are placed via #EthereumClassic and players can bet on custom and complex challenges using a simple interface.

@ETCLabs To Launch Slips: a Betting Platform For Gamers and Streamers #ClassicIsComing