Bitcoin Theft has to be Answered Personally by Craig Wright

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Craig Wright just doesn’t seem to leave the spotlight. The highly-controversial, wannabe Satoshi Nakamoto has got himself in quite the pinch this time. Earlier this week, Wright was ordered to personally appear at the mediation for the alleged bitcoin theft.

Wright attempted to appeal the order by requesting permission to appear in court via an online conference. He claims that appearing in the courtroom would be unjustifiable hardship for him.

His motion was quickly opposed by the already gathered evidence and present information. The judge quickly ruled out that personal appearance by Wright will promote meaningful participation at the mediation.

With that, Wright has been officially ordered to be physically present at the next mediation at June 18th.

Wright is currently accused of stealing more than $9 billion worth of crypto assets from his former business partner Dave Kleiman. Kleiman passed away back in 2013 and according to his family, the bitcoin theft by Wright amounted to nearly 1.1 million BTC.

Wright is definitely not loved by the majority of the crypto community. His remaining reputation however, will be instantly evaporated if he’s proven guilty. Wright knows this perfectly well and has made several attempts to dismiss the lawsuit. Back in December last year, the case seemed to hold substantial evidence and was ordered to proceed.

The alleged bitcoin theft could stamp Wright’s name in history in a very bad way

Just last month, Wright pushed a lot of buttons when he filed the United States copyright registrations for the bitcoin whitepaper. Many people were outraged, while others calmly pointed out that Wright could easily prove his claims if he took a single block out of the genesis block.

The controversial computer scientist is playing a very dangerous game. If he’s found guilty for the 1.1 million bitcoin theft and his claims about being Nakamoto proven false, he would instantly end up as the biggest fraud in the history of cryptocurrency. Needless to say, BSV would lose all of its value overnight.

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